Kunzvi, Muda, Vusami dams may take 70 years to complete

By Kudakwashe Pembere

THE minimal allotments towards the construction of Kunzvi, Muda and Vusami dams may see their completion in 70 years, a legislator has said.

Raising a motion on the need to have a supplementary budget towards water in Zimbabwe, MDC-A Warren Park MP Hon Shakespear Hamauswa said the water crisis was a national emergency.

“We also note that the allocation that has been given, and I am speaking in the case of Harere, Ruwa and Chitungwiza; there has been allocation made to the construction of Kunzvi, Muda and Vusami dams.

“These dams actually require millions of dollars but when you look at the allocations that are being made in the national budget, it means we might take up to 70 years or so for these dams to be constructed.

As a result, this is why I am calling for an urgent intervention by the Treasury to bring up a supplementary budget that makes sure the problem of water is adequately addressed and also as I said, I will repeat that the situation
should be declared a state of emergency.

“When we are saying a state of emergency, we are talking to a situation which is similar to a land that has been left by a vanquished army infested with land mines that have to be removed for that land to be reused,” he said.

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