RnB singer Tawanda Mugodhi bounces back with love ballad Ndamuda

By Zimba Nice

There are songs which hit you straight to the heart whose lyrics give you goosebumps from the first note till the end. This song is one of the best ballads for this year giving a foolproof guarantee that any hopeless romantic can get his score or jackpot. Whatever way you want to put it, dear reader.

Silky voiced talented vocalist Tawanda Mugodhi aka Tawanda Gold of the Ndinovimbisa fame bounced back with a lyrically enchanting song Ndamuda whose visuals were released on Youtube on Monday morning.

In the song, it is not about pick up lines meant to get a lady for a one-night stand but the persona tails her about his lifetime commitment.

Lines such as this one carry more weight than they seem. “Ndazvipira kuzova wako zvichisakisa kuti tichembedzane. Ndinopika kuzova wako rudo chete tisingachemedzane.” Translated to “Im committing to be yours till we grow old and grey. I vow to be yours giving you only love and nothing like seeing you or I fighting each other.

They provoke many other discussions even ones prevailing these days where domestic violence is on the rise. Inasmuch as conflicts strengthen relationship, couples need to be wary they don’t spill into gladiator fights where one has to end up dead. Relationships as preached by Tawanda Gold, should not be where people are always crying about the other party but just love.

While to some this may appear as a comeback for Tawanda Mugodhi but actually, he never left. Great song Ndomuda…make sure you check it out.

Featuring Yoz, a gifted rapper, this is a reunion between the two as they once upon a time joined forces for the song Hameno zvinoita rudo

It was produced by Nyasha Timbe . Studio Art Pictures (SAP) shot and directed the video. Trevor Dongo wrote the song and he is pushing the song via his YouTube Vevo Account and social media platforms.

(2017) Tawanda Gold – Ndamuda (Official Music Video) ft. Yoz – YouTube

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