Young Christian Clothing Entrepreneur claims her space in the clothing industry

By Kuda PembereFAITH WEAR founded by Brett Van Rooyen, is a clothing line which pioneered Christianity-Inspired apparel in the early 90s.
At a time when the secular world seems to be where all the entrepreneurial action is, making a mark in the christian apparel field especially when being female is a tall order.
Gospreneurship is a term depicting entrepreneurs thriving within the realm of Christianity.An energetic and bubbly 30 year old, Ms Primrose Sumasumo started her Christianity inspired brand dubbed God’s Child in 2019, launching it following year.
“God’s CHILD is a Harare-London based clothing line offering a wide range of collection including womenswear, menswear, accessories and fragrances. My name is Primrose Sumasumo, GC’ s SHE-EO and I am some Twentyfine years old. GC was formed end of year 2019, and was launched July 2020,” says the effervescent entrepreneur.
“In this generation, when you love God whilst you still young, it always looks and seem like you are behind and a bit backward. This means that people get scared to be proud of what is good, whilst missing out the advantage of being proud to be God’s Child.
“This led to the origin of GC which was designed with pride, and attention to detail, only to show that you can love God whilst you are young and be proud of it whilst slaying at the same time. Also, to remind us that He promised us that He will never leave nor Forsake us when we love Him, all we need to do is ‘TO BE STILL’ as He will look out for His own. Therefore, GC will serve the purpose of the founder to show that you are not an ordinary person, and Fear and Doubt will come but all you need to remember is who are you? ‘I AM A CHILD OF GOD’ so you should carry that title like the way you wear and carry other big brands.”She adds, “When you go for that interview with fear, when you’re in that life changing business meeting, when you about to tackle your dream, wearing and carrying GC will remind you of what you are capable of.”
She explains ber branding was also inspired by a primrose, her name.
“GC was inspired by Gods nature, the Primrose and the Lotus Flowers. The Primrose flower is three to four inches high, which makes it one of the shortest flowers. Regardless of its size, it is content and when its season comes, it is the first flower to bloom in spring. The Lotus flower grows and blossoms above muddy water. Just like the Lotus flower we can rise from the mud and bloom out of the darkness of fear and radiate into the world as conquerors,” she explains.
As Michael Smith sang, ‘God will make a way when there seems to be no way’, the headstrong entrepreneur says she continues hyping her brand despite some challenges.
“At the end of the day God always makes a way and open door when I feel like giving up or when I feel like it’s not going at the rate that I want. I will always remember that I want to show to the young generation that loving God and serving Him whilst you are still young is not boring, you can still do all this, look super fine whilst you decked up so I keep pushing,” the young entrepreneur hailing from Hurungwe said. “The biggest challenge when we started has always been reaching the right target market. Initially, looking for brand ambassadors was easy. The challenge was always affording them, as the brand was still a baby. God brought the right people at the right time who were willing to help push the brand because they just believed in it and had Faith that as it goes up it would just.”
God is her pillar of strength as well as her family.
“My Family has also been my pillar and my support system; they always believe in me and encourage me to push to the next stage especially My Sweet Mother. When I wasn’t ready to start the designer outfits, she was there encouraging me to start, and now she is even. I used to be reluctant with the designer outfits but my mum encouraged me. Now, she is pushing me into something bigger which we are cooking soon. My partner and my small circle of friends are included in the list as they always remind me to, ‘TRUST THE PROCESS’,” the GC boss says.
Faced with depressing poor sales, prayer, self-pep-talk sails her through.
“I have had loads of moments like that during the early days, but then I think I have managed to develop a coping mechanism. At times it feels weird because if someone asks me how the business is going, I always say it’s going very well. Even if I don’t get any sales the whole week, I always feel like my business is going very well. I’m living this concept which states that in everything give thanks to God. So, when business is going low, when there are no sales, my strong support circle assures me it’s not about the sales but the brand awareness. They state as long as it’s out there and people are getting the message and if they are not coming, they are watching.
“There are moments I feel like I am falling but I sit down and reflect on my mission and vision of this brand. I remind myself that as a plane takes off, it does not have the luxury of random stops mid-air until it reaches its destination. So, stopping is not an option for me anymore. With this in mind, I always keep my head up high and not allow myself to tumble,” Primrose said.
The GC SHE-E-O advises aspiring entrepreneurs to stay bold and never give up on their hustle.
“As you have seen I don’t call myself the CEO but the SHE-EO, showing how I have established my place in the cut-throat entrepreneurial world as a Female. To other young women out there, all I can say is know your worth, and who you belong to when you are sure about those two you get this GODFIDENCE which is installed inside you, and you become unstoppable.
“You go for the impossible to the human eye, when they say only man can do this. You stand up with your head held high and tell them, ‘the same Father who created the males is the same Father who created me, and that the same royal blood that runs inside their veins is the same blood that runs inside mine, so I CAN Also do all things through Him who strengthens me’. So, ladies Don’t Stop, that 1 YES from GOD gives you the highest Level of Clearance to do the impossible,” she says.

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